My mind is open to wonders beyond words.

My Spirit dances with delight in the knowing that in Essence I am One with all that it is and thus I am never alone.

My heart embraces each Soul as Self rather than Other.


I courageously explore the Shadow, the dark mystery that is within all.

I acknowledge its place in my life, rather than casting it out in terror.

I use it to reach out, create from the depths, such power, such magic, such wisdom.


My body is strong in its journey toward reaching out and stretching comfort zones, this vehicle that totes around my Spirit.

It interacts lovingly with other bodies.

I care for it with food that nourishes it, touch that heals.


I release old wounds and perceived slights, surrendering them into the Light.

I give over my need to control the outcome of anything, trusting in the Highest Good.

My grief overflows as a font of tears that cleanse and heal me and those whose paths I cross.


I am a shelter from the storm, a safe place for those who seek solace.

I refrain from judging the wounds of others.

I withhold judgment of my own vulnerabilities.


I flow on the river of life, carried tenderly on its currents.

I know stillness and silence as intimate companions.

I always live in a sense of awe.


I empty out, releasing busy-ness that camouflages my genuine feeling.

I do not hide behind doing, for fear of being.

I open my hands and heart to receive what comes, once there is open space.

I know that I am and we are, Love and Peace incarnate.

Edie Weinstein, copyright 2014.

Photo Credit: Janice O’Reilly

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