She takes a deep breath of life-sustaining energy, stretching her arms above her head. Lifting her radiant face to the warmth of the sun, she exhales beauty. Particles of light dance about her, sparks of the Divine Bliss that is her true name. Invoking the wisdom of the Mother, she scatters joy.


Her feet lightly trace a pattern on the surface of Gaia, walking in the imprints of those who have gone before..generations of women who have wept and rejoiced on their journey. She feels their blood pulsing through her veins, strengthening her for the tasks that await her. Passion is the fuel that fires her every step.


Her hands reach out in love to children, partners, lovers, friends, two and four-legged companions. They revel in her touch and drink in the healing force she exudes. She plants new growth in the warm, moist soil of the Earth and knows that what is to emerge will be exquisite.


Her voice is a siren call, luring willing partners to delight. They relish the secret insights she holds into their souls, as they welcome her caress. She celebrates her own body and the infinite capacity she has to give and receive pleasure. She manna-fests her heart’s desire in every aspect of her life.


She trusts in the Goddess because she knows that is her identity as well. Every decision she makes is a natural extension of that awareness. She awakens each day with a sense of adventure and child-like wonder, knowing that there are treats that await her in the form of life-changing miracles.


When she gazes into the mirror, she beholds infinite wisdom, beauty, pleasure, love healing, strength, growth, wonder, joy, sparks of the Divine, grace, radiance, energy, passion; miracles too precious to name.



Edie Weinstein copyright 2014

Photo Credit: Dianne Evans

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