When to say yes and when to say no, that is the question.

I’m getting better at setting boundaries with people.  If I’m tired and someone is visiting or calling, I tell him or her that I’m tired and they (or I, as the case may be) need to go.  If I don’t have the energy for a party, I generally don’t go.  If I feel the need for alone time, I usually will say no to invitations for social occasions small or large. 

It’s challenging to claim one’s space in a world that expects us to “do it all.”  And I’m learning.  I’m getting better at it.


Where I am still having difficulty, however, is in having too many jobs and commitments – both paid and unpaid.  I have been struggling to make a decision regarding one task in particular.  My gut has been telling me to let this responsibility go.  But (as it is wont to do) my brain keeps second-guessing my gut.

Does this happen to you?

Well, this particular situation was coming up for me big time.  It had been coming up for me for months, truth be told.  Do I continue to do this thing that I committed to even though it takes a big chunk of time away from the other things I am yearning to do? 

I did a brief meditation and then I pulled a card from one of my oracle decks: Durga – Boundaries.


Durga is the fierce warrioress aspect of Devi, which is basically the Hindu name for the Goddess.  Durga was successful in killing a nearly indestructible demon.  Well, when I consulted the oracle book, this is what I read: “How are you not protecting yourself, your life, your time?”


Whoa.  What a timely message.

I get it.  I let go of what no longer serves me.  I embrace that which brings me joy and that which serves my highest good.

So be it.

May you also learn to discriminate between that which is essential in your life and that which no longer serves you.


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