La Luna.  La Bella Luna.

Why does the Moon, especially the Full Moon, feel so magical?


Photo credit: Anthony Lynch


I think it’s because the light is so gentle.  It’s a reflective light rather than a light generated within its own being.  It’s a more humble light.  It’s a sweet light.  It will never hurt your eyes or burn your retinas.  It will never give you a sunburn.  It will never make you too hot.  It’s very yin.

I love the way it lights up the world, but not too brightly.  One has the sense that magic can happen during a full moon.  It’s not the bright light of our everyday reality.  It invokes a different kind of reality, different realms, different energies.  Perhaps if one knows how to look (with soft eyes and peripheral vision, for instance) one could see fairies or unicorns.  Perhaps if one knew how, one could take flight.  Perhaps we could more easily enter the Dreamworld on a night like tonight, with the moon shining brightly upon this sleeping Earth.

Does the Moon tug at your wild nature?  Does it make you want to howl?  Drum?  Dance around a fire?  Does it make you want to gather with your less-than-conventional friends?  Do you feel it pulling at your womb like it pulls at the tides?  Does it make you want to act out of your instinctual nature?  Do you find yourself wanting to make love?

The Moon has been the Earth’s companion for so very long.  We are blessed to have this heavenly body gazing down upon us like a grandmother in the sky.

La Luna, La Luna, Grandmother in the Sky.  Teach us, guide us, Grandmother in the Sky.

In deep gratitude.

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