Do you believe in Angels and Archangels?  Do you believe there are Ascended Masters like Jesus, the Buddha, Mary, Quan Yin, and other various avatars and holy women and men who are no longer in physical form but available to work with us, talk with us, help us?  If so, read on.

Over and over I am being reminded that angelic beings and others who exist in the world of spirit desire to work with us.  And not only do they desire this, they need us!  How surprising, eh?  Apparently, profound healing work happens so much better when the world of spirit and matter are united in their efforts.

  • “They” need us as much as we need them.
  • They cannot help us unless we ask for their help (due to the law of free will.)
  • Their energies are vastly magnified when we work together with them.
  • They are ever so willing to participate in helping and healing this world, and they need our assistance.
  • The world needs our united efforts in order to transform and heal.

About seven years ago I had a dream.  Several of us were gathering for some spiritual group.  We were sitting in a circle and I noticed that there among us were a few extra beings in non-physical bodies.  I said to everyone, “Can you see one another?”  Various people and spirit beings nodded, smiling.  We had started out as a small group, but we had more than doubled because of the spirit beings who were now sitting with us.  We were once few, and now we were many.  It felt so much more powerful and fun to be gathered together.

This also brings to mind the following words attributed to Christ, “Where two or more are gathered… there also am I.”

We humans are limited in what we can do alone.  We are in a physical, three-dimensional reality and our ego creates many limitations.  Higher spiritual beings, however, live in a higher dimension.  They do not experience the limitations that we do.  They are infinitely loving beings who are able to access a lot of power.  However they need us in order to amplify and magnify that power.  It is together – us and them united – that the transformation of the world is possible.

How do we do this?

  1. We acknowledge the existence – or at least the possibility of the existence – of these higher beings.
  2. We consciously ask them to work with us.  We invite them.  (Remember to ask only for beings from the highest realms.  We want only very wise, very loving, and extremely benevolent beings to do this important healing work.)
  3. We trust that they come when they are invited.
  4. We sit in a place of silent meditation, as free as possible from extraneous thoughts, worries, and interruptions.  We sit in a place of calm stillness.  We breathe.
  5. We open our hearts.
  6. We use our imaginations to ascend into higher dimensions – above our heads, above the clouds, above the stars.  We let these beings lift us higher and higher – beyond the strictures and debris of this three-dimensional world.
  7. We ask that we be used for the healing of this world.  We let them orchestrate the work.
  8. Whenever we can, we gather with other spiritually conscious human beings to do this work together.
  9. Afterwards (it doesn’t have to take long – they don’t have the issues with time that we do,) remember to thank them.
  10. Give yourself time to get grounded again back in your physical body.  Feel your feet on the floor.  If possible walk outside or touch some trees.

Thank you for doing this!

If we remain stuck in linear, scientific, western world mentality, we can never hope to make the huge changes necessary for the evolution of life on this planet.  But if we tap into the spiritual power of Love and Light, if we work together with the angelic forces, truly ANYTHING is possible.


Let’s “make it so.”

Abundant blessings to each one of you.

Paz en la tierra. Peace on Earth.  Shalom.

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