“There is nothing to worry about.”


This was one of the angel cards I drew last night.  And how grateful I was to see it.

Angel cards, for those unfamiliar with the concept, are decks of cards with messages or images upon them.  There are many kinds of oracles decks out there – angel cards, inner child cards, animal cards, Wisdom of Avalon cards, etc. Like oracles of old, they are meant to be bits of wisdom to help answer the questions you hold in your heart.  Not all of us are adept at hearing clear messages from God or the world of Spirit, so sometimes we may need assistance.  Some people go to a psychic, some divine their dreams, and some, like me, like to use oracle cards.

There are many ways to find answers.  I wrote a couple blogs about finding the hidden meaning in things like an injured knee or a speeding ticket.  When we are open to finding messages, omens, and wisdom, it can come from any number of sources.  These “short cut” ways can be especially helpful when we find we don’t have the time or quietude in which to hear the still small voice within.  If God/Spirit is not able to be heard when speaking within our heart, He/She may communicate through a snippet of song we hear or a bumper sticker in front of us or we may open a book at random and have a sentence leap out at us.

Some of you know that I was beginning to worry again about a possible recurrence of breast cancer.  I try not to obsess, but sometimes I start to spiral into a little whirlpool of worry that nags at my subconscious.  So I was more than grateful to receive the above message in my Angel card deck.  And I realized how good it feels simply to be reassured.

Of course there is nothing to worry about!  What is the absolute worst case scenario?  That I have an invasive form of cancer and I die.  So what?  I know, in the deepest part of my being, that the world beyond this is more magnificent than my meager earthly mind can imagine.  I know that once I get there I will wonder why I ever had the slightest fear of dying whatsoever.  So ultimately, there are no worries.  Every thing is truly going to be all right.

I’m just amazed at the peace these phrases bring to my heart:

  • There is nothing to worry about.
  • Every little thing gonna be all right.  (Thank you, Bob Marley.)
  • Don’t worry.  Be happy.  (Thank you, Bobby McFerrin.)
  • Everything is in divine order.
  • Have faith.
  • All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing
    shall be well.” 
    (Thank you, Julian of Norwich.)


Honestly, I simply need to feed myself with these words.

May these words bring peace to your heart as well.  All is well.

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