Julie Andrews was right, it truly does help to remember your favorite things. 

I love to ask people: What are your favorite things?  I love the variety of answers I get.  Some people list things and some people list activities.  My list is usually extremely lengthy because there is so much beauty in the world!  I decided to show you part of my list.  Hopefully it will make you smile and trigger a list of your own.

My Favorite Things



The sound of crickets, tree frogs, peepers, and toads

Butterflies dancing together

Honeybees or bumblebees gathering nectar

The song of the wood thrush


Cool breezes on warm days

The scent of honeysuckle

Violets, roses, and daisies

The sound of ocean waves rolling into shore

Walking barefoot on a lush lawn

Children laughing

Older people holding hands


The crescent moon


Gurgling brooks


The song of coyotes in the evening

Perfectly ripe fresh pineapple

Freshly sliced strawberries and good vanilla ice cream with real specks of vanilla bean


A great foot rub


A delicious slice of homemade pie with real freshly whipped cream on top

A really good novel and uninterrupted time in which to read it

Watching a really good movie and eating a big tub of great popcorn

Riding on the back of a motorcycle on a fragrant May or June day

Floating on an inner tube in crystal clear cool water on a hot summer’s day


Beautiful sunsets

Sitting on a porch drinking a glass of iced tea or lemonade (bonus points if I’m on a rocker)

Sitting on the sand next to a dear friend gazing at the ocean for hours

Seeing dolphins or whales!

Seeing a beautiful red fox

The peaceful feeling of falling leaves in the autumn

The first snowfall of winter

The first warm day of spring

My wish for you is that you create a life for yourself which includes as many of your favorite things as possible.  May you life be overflowing with blessings.

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