What would you do if you had unlimited money?

What would you do if you had unlimited time?

In other words, what would you do if there were no excuses or obstacles?

What would you do if you could do ANYTHING you wanted?

Don’t pick a hundred things.  Instead, choose the top five things you would do if you could.  Don’t stop to think whether or not these things are possible.  Instead, let your imagination and spirit run wild.  If you could have five wishes, what would they be?  What would you like to have, be, or do?

Just to clarify, there may be things you want for yourself and there may be things you want for the world.  You’re allowed to have two separate lists.  What are five of your biggest dreams for yourself and five of your biggest wishes for the planet?

Write your personal list right now.  Don’t over-think it.  Write down five things you want to have, do, or be.  As far as your wishes for the world, let that be a more sacred task.  Perhaps sit in meditation for a while and let yourself really choose what you most want for this world. For the “world list,” try rewriting your list as a paragraph.  Start it as follows:

“I dream of a world in which …….”


Now your second assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to tack up your personal list somewhere (or put it in your wallet or journal or top desk drawer.)  Look at that list regularly and allow yourself to imagine each of those things on your list.  Let them feel absolutely real. Allow yourself to be deserving of these things.


Now, if you want, start collecting pictures that demonstrate the qualities you want in your life or your perfect world.  Or paint a picture of your dream come true.  Allow yourself to consider the possibility that if this world can be dreamed/envisioned/imagined, it can happen.  Just allow the possibility.

If a million people had the same dream, do you think it would happen?

How about a hundred million people?

If one person can dream strongly enough, there is a possibility of a new and better world..  If a hundred million people dream it vividly, you can bet it will happen.  But first we have to start dreaming.


May all your dearest dreams come true.

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