Some days it seems like the cookies are holding us captive.  Temptation surrounds us and we can do nothing but fail.  It seems hopeless.

Elijah’s servant certainly felt hopeless and helpless when he looked out in the morning and saw the army of Syrians surrounding the city.  They were there to kill the prophet Elijah, and there was no way he could escape.

Elijah wasn’t worried.  “There are more with us than with them,” he told his trembling servant.  “Lord,” he prayed. “Open this young man’s eyes so he can see what You have shown me.”

God answered — and the young man suddenly had a different view of the situation. The horses and chariots were still there. The soldiers were still armed and ready to attack.  But behind them and above them he saw far more horses and chariots — and these were of fire.  The man saw the host of angels sent to protect God’s servant.

The lesson for us today?  Don’t focus on the temptations or your past failures.  Look above them to God.  He has all the strength and power you need, ready for you to claim it. The enemy has no chance with you at all!

Our prayer for today —  Lord open our eyes so we can see and know that the strength we need to reach our goal is already ours and that we can be assured of victory!

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown


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