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I admit it.  I usually encountered cabbage only in coleslaw which was  never a favorite of mine.  After reading about the amazing health benefits of this much maligned veggie, I decided to change that. I experimented last night and came […]

It’s been known as a weight loss food for a while, but now we are seeing that our healthy food of the week actually slows aging and helps stave off several of the diseases that hold terror for us as […]

Is your weight determined by your genes?  Somewhat — but a new study shows that what you drink can affect how those genes work. We all have a certain amount of genes that predispose us to gain weight. Some have […]

“And just exactly what happened to those good intentions?” I asked sternly.  “You were doing well on your plan and even encouraging others along the way. What happened to you?” “W-e-e-l-l,” my uncomfortable counselee whined.  “It’s been really hectic at […]

Wouldn’t you like to automatically resist temptation and make healthy choices without even bothering to think about it?  You can. That’s our topic today. Recognizing the cues that start us on the cycle of bad habits is part of the […]

I glanced down the cookie aisle at the grocery store — and felt a sense of loss.  Remember the days when I could pick out cookies — any kind of cookies — and treat myself?  I love reading and snacking […]

Have you ever found yourself caught in a negative thought pattern loop?  Something happens and you are suddenly thinking painful or angry thoughts.  You may have been hurt by someone you trusted, had something tragic happen that haunts you, or […]

Need more protein in your diet?  Greek yogurt packs a powerful punch of muscle-building protein in each serving.  Usually I have to search for recipes that look easy and edible to feature our good-for-you food of the week.  Not a […]

You probably thought that every healthy food we highlight must be are either a fruit, a nut, or a vegetable. Well, it’s true that a healthy diet will have plenty of these all natural, nutrient-dense foods.  Today’s healthy food comes […]

One way to break the failure cycle is to identify the reward you get from your bad habits.     Then you can change your routine so you get the reward without going through the harmful behaviors. For instance, say […]