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November 2011 Archives

How do you escape the holiday weight gain this year? Run.  Well, okay, you can walk.  Get the steps in, though.Exercise is always important, but now more than ever.  I know that you have added more stressful jobs to your […]

Beautiful Christmas music is playing and the lights on the tree are twinkling.  Everything is festive and the holiday mood is high. That’s the best case scenario.  In reality, the holidays can be a time of stress and exhaustion.  That, […]

We think of them as the enemy — and we jump with glee at the thought of any diet plan that doesn’t require us to count them.  Those pesky calories. The good news is that on a low glycemic eating […]

Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is officially in full swing.  Start making up for the Thanksgiving feasting by walking and working in as many steps as possible. (Tell your spouse that Black Friday shopping is part of your […]

For those of you who are cooking and baking in preparation for a big family dinner tomorrow — here are some favorite food myths debunked. (Sorry!) Unbaked batter has no calories.  Not so.  Even though those scrapings on the edge […]

Get ready folks!  The eating season is getting ready to start. From this week until the first of the year there will be candy, pastries, and  other fattening goodies in plenty to tempt you from your healthy lifestyle.  How are […]

Everyone hates to hear it — the “C” word.  Sometimes cancer seems  to strike indiscriminately, and there is no rhyme or reason for it.  But researchers keep turning up risk factors and lifestyle connections  — which means there ARE some […]

“Going to church has nothing to do with being a Christian,” a rather indignant friend said. “I can be just as good a Christian at home or at the lake as sitting in a church. Better maybe.” Some things never […]

I have a new weight loss tool for you today.  It’s a pencil. You use it to write down what you eat and when you eat it.  The purpose is not to make you feel bad, but to help you […]

Depressed?  Some days are just “down” days — and sometimes there are tough situations that make our lives stressed.  However, it could be your internal “flower garden” that is making you so sad and lethargic. Your gut contains flora, designed […]