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I was going to write my own thank you note to all of the men and women who have served to protect this country, but I think John Grohol does such a beautiful job on his site. He writes: This …Read More

I enjoyed reading the interview with Carrie Fisher in BP Magazine by editor Nancy Tobin. Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear a Hollywood personality and Broadway star talk about the struggles of a mood disorder. Fisher now performs a highly-acclaimed Broadway …Read More

Lessons from celebrities who have come out of the closet as depressives.

What goes up must come down … managing manic depression.

Most people envision mania as the woman who rings up $2000 on her master card, or the guy up all night composing music. But mania, and especially hypomania, need not be so obvious or extreme. If you suffer from a …Read More

Loneliness contributes to most illnesses. How do we heal it?

From John Grohol … 10 more ways to make friends.

Today I received this email from a Beyond Blue reader:   “I’m a Christian, and have been struggling with depression and my faith since my brother took his life 2-1/2 years ago. I joined your group for friends and tips …Read More

Like many of you, I’m always telling people I will pray for their health, and I mean it. I realize that every person I pray for doesn’t get his wish just because I’ve engaged the Guy upstairs in a conversation, …Read More

Keep saying, “God loves me, and God’s love is enough.”