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Awhile back I published an excerpt from Judith Schwartz’s amazing book, “The Therapist’s New Clothes.” Her words left me with many more questions than answers, so I’ve decided to interview her about the unique and complicated relationship between a therapist …Read More

In addition to my marriage advice in this video, my objective is to “break your face,” as Jerry Seinfeld says. Life is too serious as it is. * Click here to subscribe to Beyond Blue and click here to follow Therese …Read More

1. No kid talk 2. No eavesdropping 3. No fighting 4. No flirting (with other people) 5. No whining or crying 6. No flatulence or incontinence 7. No technology (cellphones, BlackBerries, iPhones, or iPods) 8. No interrupting 9. No belching, …Read More

U.S. Catholic writer Anna Weaver penned a comprehensive, insightful, and useful article in last month’s issue of US Catholic magazine (where I actually worked as an editor … my first real job out of college). I was honored to be …Read More

When I was buried in the Black Hole of depression, nothing comforted me like the Psalms. My very religious aunt told me to read them every morning, because they were written for people fighting against despair. So I would take …Read More

Psychologist Paula Bloom is always writing interesting blog posts over at Awhile back she asked the question, “Am I depressed or just deep?” and now she asks, “If I don’t agree with your pessimistic view on the world, why …Read More

Andrew Solomon discusses different strategies to stay resilient.

Four pieces of advice from depression expert Andrew Solomon.

The 2010 Winter Olympics recalls my favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do that which you think you cannot do.”

I know that many Beyond Blue readers are male, and that I don’t devote enough posts to male depression, so I am going to do a better job of publishing guest posts by men. The following post is written by …Read More