How many times have I said that I’m going to simplify my life? Never mind, don’t answer that question. It is true that I have attempted this over and over again. Sometimes I’ve been successful, but then just like a woman who falls off her diet when the holidays arrive, I’m back there again, to the land of distractions, irritability, stress, yada yada yada.

But this Lent I’m getting more specific. I’m following the six steps outlined by Abby Seixas, “Finding the Deep River Within,” and I’m starting off with three commitments:

  1. I am going to be quiet for 20 minutes at the start of each day. This will include my prayer time, when I read the scripture of the day followed by inspiring quotes that help me to keep things in perspective. With any remaining time, I am going to journal … to write whatever comes into my mind … in a stream of conscious fashion.
  2. I am going to take an hour for myself every week. To read more of Abby’s book, or one of the inspirational authors that I love (Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton, St. Therese, Mother Teresa), or to just sit and do nothing … absolutely nothing for 60 minutes other than try to get centered.
  3. I’m limiting all online activity (social networking and e-mailing) to afternoons (after 12 pm) on Monday through Saturday. I’m keeping holy the Sabbath. I love Facebook and other social networking sites, but they are becoming a big source of distraction that I don’t need right now, as I try to live against the current of information overload and overproduction.

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