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It’s amazing how the right topics come to me … as if delivered by the Holy Spirit (or a really networked friend, i.e. Priscilla Warner) because I have been wanting to discuss the subject of fertility and depression for some […]

Beyond Blue Group Co-Chair Mel started an important discussion thread called “Oh Baby!” at Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet Community. Click here to get to the thread.

I just received the kindest note from Beyond Blue reader Caroline who said that when she can’t sleep at night, sometimes she watches my videos … that I have a fierceness in my expression that gives her courage to fight. […]

Okay all you “loyal” readers and friends, which one of you ratted me out to the pope? Apparently he doesn’t approve of my “friend-collecting” habits on Facebook. I wonder if the Vatican set up a webcam on my desk. Of […]

Okay, let’s say there really IS something out there called Internet addiction. What does one do about it? Recently an old pal, upon seeing that I went from 50 Facebook friends to 500 in only two months (yah!) sent me […]

One of the things that I truly love about my job is that it puts me in touch with head doctors all over the world, and I get to speak to them without having to pay a lot of money! […]

Let me utter my full disclosure upfront: I spend way too much time on the social networking site, Facebook, and there is a very real possibility that I’m addicted to it. In fact, I’m developing my own twelve-step program to […]

Yah! I’m off the hook! There is no such thing as Internet addiction says fellow mental-health blogger John Grohol, CEO of Psych Central. To get to the meat of his argument, click here. Here are some excerpts: What’s happening today […]

What happens when you search the word “bipolar” on Facebook? My profile shows up! Along with a detailed illustration of my family tree! Not really. Fellow blogger John McManamy did this the other night, and his results were surprising: more […]

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there is new research from Stony Brook University supporting marriages that stay passionate decades after a couple has uttered their vows. According to a McClatchy-Tribune article by Ridgely […]