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I realize that I don’t write enough about alternative therapies. That’s because, as I mentioned in “My Holistic Approach to Depression” post I am overcoming some resentment issues with those Tom Cruise-ish persons in my life that preached alternative medicine …Read More

As a recovering addict, I love any buzz I can get. Working out–any exercise that gets my heart rate over 160 beats per minute, into the cardiovascular zone, does the job. And in a safe way, so I don’t have …Read More

My mouth/stomach and brain are in constant negotiation talks with each other because while one loves white bread, pasta, and chocolate, the other has a hissy fit whenever they enter my blood stream. My diet has always been an important …Read More

My blogging buddy James Bishop over at Finding Optimism wrote a superb post on food allergies, and how they contribute to mood. My sister is finding the same with her special needs boy, and continues to hound me about possible …Read More

Also from James is this great post on massage. He explains how a massage can relieve some depressive symptoms. Poor James. He lives with a physical therapist who has good home/work boundaries. That sucks. Go to his original post by …Read More

I learned the following at, a depression community, which was an interesting place you might want to check out. Regarding acupuncture: Two randomized, controlled, clinical trials suggest that electroacupuncture may reduce symptoms of depression as effectively as amitryptiline, a …Read More

Remember all the Holiday Survival Thoughts I wrote for you guys during December? Well, for each day in February I’ve decided to publish a “love note.” They are quotes from celebrities or philosophers or smart people, in general, that will …Read More

A few weeks ago, Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s Community held a “Self-Esteem Forum,” which means this: At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 2, we all logged on to the discussion thread called “Self-Esteem Forum.” There, we were assigned one …Read More

Getting sick as a depressive is tricky, because so many of the weapons in our arsenal depend on health. Which is why I hate to get sick. But when I do, here are my strategies for not totally losing it.PS …Read More

“A family that vomits together stays together.” That’s a modification from Father Peyton’s famous line–“A family that prays together stays together”–and sums up our Thanksgiving two years ago, when the whole family (parents and both little virus transporters) caught a …Read More