Beyond Blue

Thank you very much to all my Beyond Blue readers who responded to my first attempt at video blogging (vlogging, as reader Larry Parker says) with words of support and kindness. Thanks for not telling me that I have a fantastic face for radio!My favorite piece of feedback was by my friend Robert Ellsberg, who watched the video while considering me to be included in his second volume of “All Saints” (not really):

You rock, Therese! Only technical suggestion: stand in front of a darker background–it looked a little like one of those confessions where someone is admitting (anonymously) to being addicted to Kellog’s sugar frosted flakes. If the goal is not to be recognized in the mall, I think it worked. But using my imagination you looked great!

Actually, Robert, I dressed up for that reason—to disguise myself so that no one in Annapolis would recognize me. But my dark shadow was plain inexperience at this.Which brings me to a second piece of advice I received from friends: “You were too serious … lighten up and be yourself!”I’m getting there. Remember, I am a vlog (video blog) virgin. Even though I’m mentally ill, talking to my computer as if it’s my best friend does not come naturally.So thanks for hanging in there with me! I promise to get better at this.Oh, and by the way, this video is rated PG-13 for partial (doll) nudity.

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