Beyond Blue

This was pretty cool, too: David’s care package the first day of school, with this note:
Did you wonder, did you ponder,
What these things had to do
With being in school, just like you?
A rubber band …. to remind you of those times when you want to give a hug or receive one.
A tissue ….to remind you to dry someone’s tears.
A gold thread ….to remind you that the ties of friendship are golden.
An angel sticker ….to remind you that your guardian angel watches over you in school.
A pencil ….with an eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and that’s all right.
A button ….to remind you to keep from saying mean things about others or talking when it isn’t your turn.
A band-aid ….to remind you of healing hurt feelings—yours or someone else’s.
A candy kiss ….to remind you that everyone needs a loving treat occasionally.
A globe ….to remind you that you mean the world to us.

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