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You Can't Fix Crazy!

We currently have more than 1 MILLION clients in our client base. More than 600,000 follow me on social media.

The #1 thing people write me about DAILY is how to get past negative people on social media. “HOW do I deal with mean people, haters, vomiting people who hurl insults and negativity on my business page?”

I’m a business trainer. I also work with several multi-billion dollar brands working on their social media pages & several ministries with more than 1000 staff.

My advice is this- if you wouldn’t let them come to your store and  vomit all over you and your customers, don’t tolerate it on your Facebook or Twitter page. Be wise!

Keep your brand healthy, don’t tolerate this. It’s a part of business, with 600,000 on my social media platforms it happens to us daily. But it’s not my focus. I block, ban and even report. Then I move on!

You can’t change crazy!

Choose to influence, release hope and not focus on that. Business 101- focus on where you’re going and don’t get distracted with the bumps in the road.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, are a totally virtual business or are just starting out and have a combination of both- you will always have negative people to contend with. The bigger you get, the more it happens. In the online world, 1 out of every 100 people is just a bit ‘off’. Maybe the statistics are much higher.

It’s important to know when to encourage someone, when to block them and when to simply ignore. Discernment is the number one thing we need in this generation.  But please, in your desire to be discerning, loving and positive, don’t let someone dump their garbage truck into your living room (or showroom!)

BE more. Be the leader you are designed to be. Lead people in the right way. Love all, pray for all, but don’t tolerate this nonsense.

Serve your clients & don’t let an unstable person side track you.


With love,
Sandi Krakowski


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