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Say NO To Pimping Marketing

I’m a marketer. Have been for 18 year. Digital media in any form is my speciality. We’ve grown a huge platform in the last 4 years. Even in the last 90 days our Facebook page has gone from 141,468 to 243,386 people who are having relationship with us every single day and our sales have doubled.

Everyday I get pimped. It makes me upset how many people think this is a normal part of marketing. Who is teaching this crap?!

“HEYYYYYYY Sandi, I see you have a big following. Can you give me an endorsement and send this to your list?”  My thoughts? “Endorse you? I don’t even know you! I don’t even know how to spell your name unless I double check!”

Or maybe I do know you. Maybe we’ve talked once or twice. Does that mean I’d send your stuff to my list where people trust me? NO.

The typical process you might be taught by some ‘Guru’ who doesn’t understand honor, kingdom dynamics or even common relationship courtesy will be to find an expert and ask them to endorse or promote you without ever getting to know them, building a relationship or anything. Your sole goal they’ll teach is just get an endorsement. This is so cheap!

It removes relationship, doesn’t give any room for love & honor… and to tell you the truth, this side of making millions of dollars with no one’s endorsement, it really needs to be done away with.


I will SAY IT AGAIN! If you ask someone to promote or endorse you & you’ve never even met them? That’s called PIMPING! Just say NO! #rude

Take time to get to know someone. If someone is credible, an expert, has taken their hard time and skill to build a big platform, HONOR THAT and guess what the Bible says will happen to you? HONOR will come back to you! GOD will promote you when you start out small and take the HONOR path! My advice to you is that you cannot EVER overdue honor!

I was a nobody, from nowhere with no name and with hard work, honoring God, respecting and honoring my fellow man, I was given the opportunity to build a big brand and a big platform.

I love you and I AM SO SORRY that all these Pimping Gurus are teaching you this crap.

REPEAT AFTER ME: Just say NO to pimping. Do relationship and honor instead!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


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