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Belief Beat is on a break for the rest of the month, while I visit family overseas. As noted last week, I’m disappointed to miss next week’s Seattle meeting of the U.S. Catholic bishops, discussing updates to their clergy abuse …Read More

I’m meeting Mata Amritanandamayi — aka Amma, “the hugging saint” — at the start of her new U.S. tour tomorrow. (It’s nice when national religion news comes to the Seattle area!) Cathy Lynn Grossman at USA Today wrote about her during …Read More

Happy Mother’s Day — I’m enjoying a rare day off from everything, but here’s a quick round-up of related news — in exchange for sleeping in tomorrow? (I may have just jinxed the religion reporting universe…) Thanks, Moms (Whispers in …Read More

Passover begins tonight, and Jews are vigorously debating — what else is new? — the proper way to observe this major holiday, with controversies ranging from the dietary (whether gin, ciabatta and quinoa are kosher-for-Passover) to the literal (how to make the …Read More

A new study, covered by Religion News Service, USA Today & The Chicago Tribune, finds that churchgoers tend to be fatter than their less devout peers. Baptists tend to be the heaviest, with Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist groups bringing up the …Read More