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Belief Beat is on a break for the rest of the month, while I visit family overseas.

As noted last week, I’m disappointed to miss next week’s Seattle meeting of the U.S. Catholic bishops, discussing updates to their clergy abuse policy. I expect that National Catholic Reporter and Whispers in the Loggia will cover it extensively. (I don’t recommend Catholic News Agency for objective coverage of church problems, but it’s worth a look if you want the conservative institutional perspective.)

If you don’t already, I recommend subscribing to the Religion News Roundup, which aggregates links to a range of faith-related topics in the media every weekday. Or, you can just read it at Religion News Service’s blog.

Here are my top five other sites to check for religion news:

If there’s a faith-related headline you want to discuss while I’m away, post it in the Comments section with a link; I may be able to occasionally update Belief Beat from my travels. Or, if not, I’ll include it in my “back to work” post, sometime in early July!

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