Belief Beat

It’s one thing not to take the world ending seriously… but most people, including reporters, seem to be using Harold Camping’s May 21 prediction as the chance to have some fun. (Especially since even Camping’s Family Radio ministry employees don’t seem to be taking the prediction seriously.)

Here’s a sample of the stories from the lighter side of tomorrow’s apocalypse:

Also, if you would like to compile a playlist for the occasion, here’s my top pick:

Last time Harold Camping predicted the world was ending, in 1994, I stayed up all night — just so I wouldn’t miss it, if anything apocalyptic actually happened! But, I was an insomniac back then — nowadays, not so much. Lucky for me, Camping’s current prediction is apparently set for 6 p.m. in every time zone, a rolling Rapture of sorts.

So, where will you be at 6 p.m. tomorrow? I’ll be driving from a baby shower to an SPJ awards banquet… would I really be tempting faith by taking Seattle’s Alaskan Way viaduct?

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