One of my sons just sent me a comic. This happens more often than you might think with my family, especially my younger son & his cousins. I always enjoy the comics; they’re full of colour and meaning and usually a moral. In many ways, comics are the new fables. From the Sandman to the Batman, there are ‘morals’ in so many of the episodes (even when things go very badly…) The strip (from Sheldon© Comic Strip, a daily webcomic by Dave Kellett) is about reaching out. Here it is:

strip for November / 3 / 2015 - It's All Going To Be OK

While I don’t accost strangers (I may start, after reading this!), I do try hard — every day, every time I interact with people — to let them know I care about them. And it never fails to humble me how people react: I got a free upgrade to business class last time I flew. All because I talked the leg off the nice young man behind the check-in counter. I was just telling him he probably should add writing to his life…😉

Or the times I get free coffee, apparently because other folks are cranky?? All I did every time I can remember (& there are more than I probably should confess to!) was treat the barista/ cashier like a friend. Respectful. Affectionate teasing. Comforting, when it’s obvious someone has been pretty unpleasant to him or her.

via google
via google

The fact that this behaviour is — at least for my son — associated w/ me, bringing me to mind? Wow. It doesn’t get much better. So maybe I do need to start going up to strangers. Wait… I kinda already do that. I don’t tell them I hear voices (even if I do, I know I shouldn’t confess THAT!). But I do find something genuine to compliment them on. Or initiate a conversation. Or just smile as big as I can (and folks, I’m from Oklahoma: we can smile BIG here on the prairie!).

Try it. After all, we’re all connected. It’s not just good Buddhism, folks. It’s good human being-ness. Life is tough. Reach out & touch someone, like the old saying goes. You’ll feel even better than they do. And who knows what that one random act of kindness may set off? Maybe a chain reaction. How cool would that be??

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