Beginner's Heart

the author's fat squirrel

the author’s fat squirrel

Today when I filled bird feeders, I looked out over the yard. Everywhere there’s the flush of rose & pink, and the backdrop of pale green that only comes in spring.

Once I had the sunflower tray filled, the fat squirrel that’s half-tame was in it, stuffing fat cheeks. And the finches are on one of the other feeders, their breast feathers already red. A bluejay is on the small seed tray, and a robin was hoovering the deck floor, looking for dropped tidbits.

In the corner of the yard, our crabapple is blooming her head off: bright flowers fading to creamy pink as they open. In other words, spring is definitely here.

the author's

the author’s

With it come the religious markers: Passover & Easter the best-known in the US, but most religions observe spring. Next month is Theravada New Year for Buddhists; yesterday was Ram Navami (the birthday of Ram, a holy day for Hindus); the Baha’i celebrated their New Year last week.

We celebrate the return of the sun, the greening of the brown landscape. Snow melts, rain falls, and that greeny fragrance floats on softened winds. It’s a new beginning — new leaves, new life.

For that reason, I’m thinking of fresh starts. Not the ‘official’ New Year, which holds little allure for me. But this freshening of life all around: the mating calls of mourning doves, the bravado of jays. Today is a good day to make new promises to ourselves, as the earth keeps hers.

What would you like to do this coming spring & summer? What is it you resolve? It’s a time of growth. Cash in on it — make a promise to yourself. And keep it.