Beginner's Heart

Hector flirting

Hector flirting

It’s been four weeks since our new cat Hector came to live with us. During that scant month, he’s made himself more (or less…) at home upstairs. But he still won’t come downstairs. And he won’t engage at all if the dogs are (as they always are) standing ready to ‘play’ (read: pounce).

I’m ready for him to be fine w/ things.

Unfortunately, he is not. At least, not w/ the dogs. He’s doing fine, but he’d be a LOT finer (he says this almost every evening) if I would just live upstairs, with him.

My sister — his other mother — says I should stop feeding him upstairs, and he’d HAVE to come down. But that seems… well, overly harsh. I know what pills the dogs are — leaping on you, pouncing, running you as if you were…prey. And who wants to feel like prey??

So, I’ve been trying to be patient. This is NOT my best trait. But it seems like when you love someone — even ‘just’ a cat — you should be on their schedule and not your own. And yet, time marches apace, and my son & DIL are coming in 2+ weeks. To sleep in Hector’s sitting room.

You see my dilemma.

What do you do when loves collide, however gently? I’m pretty sure my son & DIL won’t want to leave the door open so Hector can sleep with them. He has the other bedroom too, but prefers the larger, lighter guest room. (That cat has taste.)

This is all a bit frustrating, as I try to juggle beginner’s heart and cat and son&DIL and what’s ‘right.’ When what I suspect is I need more patience.

Maybe I should ask for a helping for Christmas…

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