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Today was/ continues to be one of those blah days when good things happen, but you don’t always see them at first. Or, you don’t even have the energy to acknowledge them (how sad is  THAT?).

So my gratitude is for self-kindness. VERRRY hard, folks. We’ll tell a sister, brother, friend: it’s okay. No big deal! But we’ll pretty much beat ourselves into a black hole named self-flagellation…

Today I’m very grateful for the wry humour meditation fosters. When I meditate (I did today — boy, did I need to!), I can remember: no one’s perfect. Certainly not me!

Compassion — lovingkindness — is for everyone, folks. Even ourselves. Maybe especially ourselves, as we too often hold ourselves to impossible standards.

Next time you’re down on yourself, remember: If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. And be gentle w/ your own foibles.

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