image It’s an older picture, but still appropriate for today’s post. Because here’s my gratitude today: my grandson recognizes me!

Before you think I’ve totally lost my marbles, let me explain. My grandson is only 18 months old next week. I haven’t seen him f2f for the past 4 months. And despite great love on my part, I’m under no delusions as to the memory of babies. Each day for a little one is full of new experiences. New learning. New ‘data.’ Why would he remember me?

So when we FaceTimed the other day, & Trin did the head waggle that we always did together (almost from the moment he could hold up his beautiful head), my heart exploded. Think: fireworks! Incandescence! GREAT gratitude. I had to remind myself to breathe… And then ask his father — does he do this for all FaceTime?

And no, his father assured me; he does not. It’s a Trin & GG kind of thing. But still — it’s also an everyday kind of thing. Most grandchildren do learn to recognize their grandmothers. It just takes more time together, I thought, than Trin & I have had. Still, if love & thought count, there is not a day I don’t think of that boy. Think of him running — he was still learning to walk when I took this picture. Think of him identifying pictures in his books with his daddy, my elder son. Think of him making goofy faces at me on FaceTime that I’m quite happy to make back to him.

I have nooo pride (or shame!) when it comes to playing w/ my grandson.

Who does?? And what does it matter if I look like a ditzy blonde (something I’m usually not at all fond of resembling) when I make faces and wiggle my head back & forth like a Valley Girl? Trin loves it, and that’s all that matters.

Today, my heart is very happy. Despite 4 months and hundreds of miles, my grandson remembers me! And is happy to see me. What can possibly more enchanting than that?


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