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The word ‘foxhole’ has multiple meanings. First — of course — is the den foxes build for their young: a skulk of foxes. The other comes from WWI — trench warfare, a hole to (hopefully) save your life.

Today’s foxes aren’t life-saving, but (for me) they’re sanity-saving.

I am so angry about the ongoing war on teachers — as evinced by Time magazine’s new article (which I will not DEIGN to link to) — I could spit, as my Aunt Bonnie said. So until I can cool off enough to be rational, I’m posting this link to facts about one of my very favourite animals, the fox.

Nature is my foxhole, I guess. When I’m weary, feeling small… Today, the double play of ‘foxhole’ is especially nice, as the war on teachers (and, not coincidentally, women) continues. I’ve put off blogging until I calm down. Still not calm, and the blog calls.

So here is my foxhole. 🙂  This link will take you to 14 charming facts about foxes, many of which I didn’t know — although I’ve actually seen a fennec, when we lived in Algiers. They’re beautiful. And we have a mated pair of foxes — a dog & a vixen — living not far from the house. I see the dog cross our yard sometimes (well, three times!), in broad daylight. And each time it feels like magic.

Nature is the best oil I know for troubled water. Enjoy! And stay tuned: I still have to figure out how to write in praise of teachers under the gun…

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