Beginner's Heart

tea & macarons I should be working on the presentation I’m giving in…oh, 3 hours. 🙂 I should be figuring out what to fix for dinner before I go. I should… I should.

Instead, tea break.

A cup of good ol’ house tea — Panyang Congou from Harney’s, And plain vanilla macarons from the Whole Foods bakery. Bliss.

And a lovely distraction from the mouse the cat released into the kitchen (now residing in mouse heaven (the pantry! 🙁 ). Or my husband’s ankle. Or any of the things that pile up in everyday living.

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Sometimes, you just need to stop and breathe. Life feels complicated, and most of us don’t — despite the fact that we know better! — meditate daily. Or even regularly. But everyday life can have rituals, which are a kind of contemplative practice. I don’t know what I’d do w/out the soothing rituals of my day-to-day life. Even making the bed (but not changing it!) can be a kind of making peace.

So —  take a break. Sit down, inhale deeply, and have a looong stretch. A cup of tea wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. And the cookies are just what this doctor ordered.  Feed your beginner’s heart a healthy dose of peace & quiet.