Because This Is Your Life

Here is something I want you to give some more thought to and become aware of.

I’m sure you’ve gone out to many places and been around many people. This can be at your job, going out to a store, eating at a restaurant, picking up food at the grocery store, and the other places you may regularly go to. You even see this on TV as well.

At every one of these places there is something going on that you may be aware of but not really paid any attention to… until now.

You may be wondering what this is and I’m about to tell you.

What am I referring to is that in all of these places there is someone who is a leader.

Whether it’s a team leader at a store or restaurant, your boss or CEO at your job, someone you see on TV such as a political leader, and anywhere else you go, you’ll see that someone is leading somebody else.

And guess what…

The same is true for you.

You’re a leader as well even though you may not be aware of it.

So the question for you is:

“How much of a leader are you?”

Let’s find out in your weekly wealth tips below:

1. Followers and leaders- Let’s start off with two important and very relevant quotes that are involved in your life. The first one is,

“We’re all born into genius and conditioned into mediocrity.”

You and everyone else is a born genius and during the course of life you’re actually conditioned into mediocrity, unless you’re aware of how to counter act that.

This leads into the next important quote:

“We’re all born leaders and conditioned into followers.”

It’s the same idea here. You’re a born leader and during the course of life are conditioned into a follower.

What this comes down to is that we live in a world of leaders and followers. As strange as it may sound, you are both depending on the situation and the environment you are in.

For example you may be a great leader within your family but at the same time you’re a follower at your job where the CEO is the leader.

Is this bad or negative? Of course not. The main difference here is that your leadership abilities are in an area of life that is very important to you, your family. The CEO where you work has his leadership abilities in the area of life most important to him, which is business and finances.

Whereas you’re a leader in your family, the CEO of where you work may be a follower in his family so to speak.

The point here is for you to know that you are a leader just as much as anyone else but the form of where you’re a leader will depend on what area of life is most important to you at that given moment.

2. Leading all the way- You are always a leader at something. The question is, what is that for you? Where do you lead others? What is it that you do best where you lead others to do their best?

As you’ve heard me say before, “The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask.” Asking these types of quality questions is what helps bring out the leader in you.

Also be aware that even the areas where you may be a “follower”, that they too can help you become a leader. A perfect example
of this is the student learning from the teacher or mentor. We all go through this in our lives. Even at one point in his life Einstein was a follower.

But just like we’re always leaders, we’re also followers as well. The important thing to understand here is that even at the stages in your life where you may be a “follower”, it is wise to know how to use that temporary “follower” status and turn that into a more permanent “leader” status.

So, as counter intuitive as it sounds you are always a leader and a follower and they both serve you and your inspired mission.

3. Marching onward and upward- I also like this saying… “In order for a tree to grow to the sun it has to shed branches.”

Well the same is true for you.

As you grow and evolve in your life and elevate your leader status, you’ll be doing the same thing the tree does in shedding its branches, except in your case it will be shedding people.

What I mean by this is that as you go to higher levels in any area of life, and especially as your leadership grows, they’ll be people going in and out of your life. These people could be friends, acquaintances, co workers, and even family members.

You can also view this as a revolving door in that people can go out of your life, come back in and stay in, or just stay out permanently.

This is a natural part of life and is necessary.

I’m bringing this up because many times people think small and stay stuck because they are afraid that certain people, to include loved ones, will reject them and/or go out of their lives if they pursue their own dreams and mission.

This is a major sub conscious belief (and sometimes a conscious belief too) that many people have which keeps them as a follower their entire lives rather than being the true leader they are doing what they love most.

So always remember to look and see where you are a leader and how whatever it is that you lead serves and helps others discover their leader as well.

By doing this you are able to realize your magnificence, brilliance, and genius, and how you can get others to realize theirs.

You’re worth taking the time for to discover where your leadership is because it gets you to see the tremendous amount of value that you have in this world.

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