Because This Is Your Life

It’s that moment you come across at least one time in your life.

It’s that moment that leaves you with a choice.

It’s that moment that has you feeling like your life is hanging in the balance.

But it’s also that moment where there’s a secret along with a hidden message.

However, it’s the last thing you’re thinking of when you’re in the heat of this moment…


Because you’re thinking about everything that has happened up to this point in your life…

The people who bullied you

The people who never followed through on their promises to you

The people you thought were your friends

The people you felt should have helped you but didn’t

The high hopes followed by the disappointments

…And on and on it goes.

But guess what?

Now I’m reminding you again of what happens when this moment of truth comes up in your life…

Because it is your life’s wake up call.

What do I mean by this?

It’s that realization and revelation you get when the “light bulb” goes off in your mind and you have the “aha” that you just know has transformed your life in some way.

But what’s interesting about it is that in many cases it occurs when you least expect it.

In fact…

It’s been said many times that sometimes you have to hit “rock bottom” to fully appreciate your life and as a result break out of what you believe to be your negative current situation.

There is some truth to that but again it depends on how you perceive what’s going on in your life.

Take a look at the different situations and moments throughout your life when you felt others or the world was against you.

It could be the person who bullied you. It could be the person you gave money to that either never paid you back or didn’t give you what you paid for. It could be someone you had a mutual agreement with that didn’t honor their end of the deal.

Now of course this will be different for you based on your situation.

But what’s the same for everyone is this…

Those moments and those people come into your life to test you. Those people and situations—that you may see as negative and that you wished never happened—come into your life to get you to empower yourself.

This is that secret and hidden message I mention about earlier

And unless you realize this, the chances are all but guaranteed that you’ll carry around unnecessary emotional baggage that will run your life.

But when you’re in the “heat of the moment” you won’t realize this and it will slip on by…

And along with it your life’s wake up call.

As a result this is when you’ll find yourself sleepwalking through life.

So how can you increase your chances of realizing your life’s wake up call sooner rather than later?

It begins by being a fulfillment driven person.

And what this means is that you see each person and moment in your life as two sided.

For example…

If someone was criticizing you, how did their criticism help you in any area of your life?  Along with this, you also want to connect the dots in your life and see what would have happened if the person that criticized you had praised you instead.

Once you get in the habit of doing this you’ll at some point get that “life’s wake up call.”

This is what happened with me.

After I realized how losing the $100,000 served me and what would have happened if that didn’t happen, I had the revelation (while lying in bed one morning) that changed my life. I realized that I was minimizing myself to others.

Once I connected the dots and saw this, my transformation had begun and continues to unfold we speak.

And the reason why this happened had everything to do with seeing each situation as being two sided.

So, what is your life’s wake up call?

Because when you realize what it is, the ripple effect of your transformation has begun.

Even if at first you may not be aware of it, when you take the time to connect those dots in your life, you’ll find it.

And when you do, you’ll be waking up to the magnificence and brilliance of who you are and what you’re here to be, do, and have in your life.


You are the most important person in the world.

And when you truly realize that, you’ll be able to help others realize the same about themselves.

Plus you’ll also have the world reflect back to you how special of a person you really are.

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