Because This Is Your Life

You’ve heard about it from as far back as you can remember.

You’ve been told that it’s the way to live you life.

And by doing so you’ll have a very good chance of achieving what you want, while living what some call the “dream life.”

Initially it sounds like a good idea. Then you go about trying it out. Some days it seems to work like magic…

On other days it appears to go the complete opposite of what you wanted.  And then at best you get frustrated and wonder “why.”

When you first heard about it, it made a lot of sense and seemed pretty simple and straightforward.

But along the way something happened. It didn’t go as planned and you found yourself not doing it anyway.

In fact—and as crazy as it sounds—the very same people who told you to do it are still not able to…no matter how much they “try.”

And not only that but at times their actions are doing the very thing they’ve said to not do.

Now here’s what’s interesting about this…

In each case these same people are doing something that you and every other human being was designed not to do.

And this leads to you becoming aware of the very thing that determines whether you live the type of freedom and peace of mind based life you’d love to live.

And that is…

“Are you trying to get rid of half of your life?”

1. Fantasy reminder- The “it” that I mentioned a few moments ago is trying to live a one sided life. Or what some may call a “happy life” or a “positive life” or a “life of passion.” Now while some may say that they don’t mean to live this way all of the time (and some still do believe it or not), most are saying that you can live more of one side than the other.

But no matter how you look at it, it still involves trying to get rid of half of your life…

And this leads to the fantasy reminder

…Which is there to get you to be your true authentic self so you can live the type of life you’d love to live.

So how does the fantasy reminder work?

Take the time right now and look back all through your life right up to the current moment. In fact you also want to make this a regular “healthy” habit.

Then ask yourself…

“Have I been able to live a “happy life” 100% of the time?”
“Have I been able to stay positive and live a “positive life” 100% of the time?”

Of course the answer you will get is “no.”

But you may say or still be thinking that you were able to be “happy” more times than sad…

That you were able to be more “positive” than negative.

Because after all this is what many people will tell you to do.

Now it may have seemed that way at times but the fact of the matter is that throughout your life you have moments of both sides…equally.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because anytime you try to live a one sided life you will (without a doubt) attract the other side—that which you don’t want—into your life.

This is the fantasy reminder.

Or put another way…

The Universe’s way of keeping you authentic while helping you be true to yourself. Which also paves the way for you to live a fulfilled and healthy life.

2.  The glass of life- I’m sure you’re familiar with the question, “do you see the glass as half full or half empty?” It’s a very good question and one I’ve always been quite fond of because it does have a lot to do with how your life turns out.

Now of course most people—myself included—at first believed that it’s best to see the glass as half full, meaning to be more positive and more optimistic.

So I went about my life using that approach. At times it did seem to work. At other times it didn’t. Because no matter what I did in certain situations the “half empty” or negativity would still come up despite my best intentions to stay positive.

In fact this same thing happened when I tried to be “happy” all of the time…the “sadness” would surface too.

At first I was questioning, “what’s wrong with me? I thought I was “supposed” to be positive and happy most of the time but I’m still having negative thoughts and feelings of sadness coming up.

I see other people who are apparently living positive and happy lives but how come I can’t?”

And then I realized that life consists of being “half full” AND “half empty.”

In fact when you even look at a half full glass of water, it can’t be half full without also being half empty.

And this is how your life is designed to be. Just like the glass of water is half full AND half empty at the same time, so is your life. This is what I like to call living an “and” life…meaning you have both sides.


Living an “or” life where you’ll get that fantasy reminder that it’s just not possible.

And guess what?

This is a very good thing for you.

3. Quantum fulfillment- Before I tell you why living an “and” life—which includes having healthy negativity—is vital to the level of success you achieve in your life, here’s something to always remember.

And I’m going to be straightforward and get right to the point…

You are not here to live a “happy” or “positive” life…

You are here to live a “fulfilled life.”

Because when you live a fulfilled life it involves bringing in both sides of life.

Think about it…

How would you grow into the amazing person you are without having the so called “negative” or “sad” parts of life?

Now of course I’m not saying to go around and be negative and sad all the time (you couldn’t do it anyway).

But what I am saying is that both the “negativity” and “sadness” that comes up in your life is a feedback system that gets you to be true to who you are.

It’s there to get you to set realistic expectations on yourself and others.

It’s there to get you to be true to who you are

It is also designed to keep you on track to achieve the type of high level success you want in the areas of life most important to you.

This is why living an “and” life is so important.

And this comes back to what I mentioned earlier—about how I realized that life consists of both half full and half empty.

I originally decided that I wanted less people to dislike me…but I also got less people liking me and what I did.

Whenever I wanted less people challenging me…I also got less people supporting me and what I did.

Whenever I wanted less people to be mean to me…I also got less people being nice to me.

Whenever I wanted less difficulty in my life…guess what? I also got less ease.

And I noticed this to be consistent across the board.


Because I was “playing small.”

Here’s something else I noticed that turned it all around…

Whenever I was “playing big” and wanted more people to like me, I also got more people who didn’t like me.

Whenever I wanted more people to support me, I got more people challenging me.

Whenever I wanted more people to be nice to me, I got more people being mean to me.

And whenever I wanted to live a more easy and simple life, I got more difficulty.

You see, it works like this…

You only grow to the level of achievement in any area of your life that you’re willing to embrace both sides of life equally.

You want more success, expect more failure.
You want more happiness, expect more sadness
You want more support, expect more challenge
You want more ease, expect more difficulty

And if any one tells you that you can have more of one side (the positive) than the other (the negative) just know that they’re basically telling you to get rid of half of your life.


You never have to get rid of half of your life to live the type of life you’d love to live. This is healthy and much more fulfilling and satisfying.

And equally as important…

You never have to get rid of half of yourself to fully appreciate and love yourself.

Just know that you have a uniqueness about you that allows you to contribute a tremendous amount of value to the world

This is what makes you special…

The two sided, fulfilled, magnificence of who you are.


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