Awaken Your Truth

From my experience there is no better feeling than to decide that it’s time to take back our power and live fully in alignment with the truth of who we are. This often means being asked to make decisions on our journey that feel very different than any decisions we have made in the past. They will feel different because they will almost always feel scary and push us out of our comfort zone, but we can also be sure that they will feel liberating and empowering as well. Feeling this sense of empowerment lets us know we are aligning with our truth and confirms that we are indeed on the right track. Although the mind may tell us, ” it’s not safe”, our Spirit will continuously be cheering us on and nudge us in the direction of what is best for us as an individual. There will be a part of us that feels like we are making the wrong decision, but if we were to get really honest with ourself and rule out logic or any outside factors including the opinions of others, we would see that these kinds of choices will always feel right and true to our Spirit.  Understanding where our feelings are coming from within is so crucial otherwise we will be misguided and tricked into believing in what is not always in our highest interest. What is right for us may not feel logical or make sense to the mind because our mind likes to figure everything out and make a check list of what is right and wrong. It’s important to know that what is right for our soul is not something to figure out. It is a feeling that sits deep within us that we must trust , honor and act on. We must give ourselves the permission to settle into the comfort of knowing that our feelings are always guiding us to our highest truth. We can still allow the mind to have its input, but we don’t have to follow its lead. This is what it means to truly step into our power. Most of us have a difficult time discerning what is right and true for us because we know that we will not always gain everyones approval and this is precisely why we may doubt ourselves and feel confused about what we are feeling. This is why it’s important to know that people that are following there own truth will never steer you away from following yours or attempt to make you feel wrong about the choices you make. People that are not aligned with their own truth will more likely disapprove, criticize or judge you aloud or secretly to themselves when you decide to step into yours. We are all a mirror for each other and we are simply reflecting to each other what we either love and accept about ourselves or haven’t yet come to own within ourselves. So rather than seeing the idea of stepping into your power as a scary route to take in this life due to the fear of how others will perceive you, I invite you to see it as you offering a beautiful invitation for others to follow your lead. And remember…all this world really needs is for you to own your truth and be courageous enough to express it fully.

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