Awaken Your Truth
October 2015 Archives

The world doesn’t need more positivity. The world needs more authenticity. The most powerful thing we can do is show up just as we are no matter what we are experiencing or going through. Positivity can be a beautiful thing […]

We often think that life is a struggle and we are here to fight our way through it hoping to finally one day reach a place of peace, satisfaction and happiness. It’s as if we continue to strive to reach […]

When we are on the path to awakening to our truth there will come a point where our soul will communicate to us that it longs to step into new experiences. These experiences will require that we step out of […]

We all have a story. Do you know what yours is? What are you choosing to do with it?  As long as we are human living on this earth, we will all encounter a story that consists of our challenges, […]