Awaken Your Truth
August 2015 Archives

I always say that getting to know our truth is the most powerful gift that we can give to ourselves. It frees us from the chains of having to live out a story that is not our own. The truth […]

When we are on the path to awakening to our truth, we must have the willingness to tap into and embrace our courage. Courage knows that it can take us to the very places we must go so that we […]

This past week was tough. I was challenged in many areas of my life. I was presented me with many situations that required me to make hard decisions. I had to make decisions that felt extremely uncomfortable because I knew […]

Getting in touch with and knowing our own truth is the most important job that we will ever have. It’s essential if we want to live a life that feels freeing and easy rather than constricting and frustrating. The following […]