Most of us believe that freedom has everything to do with our external reality. We buy into the “When I have”  illusion. When I have more money, more time, a new job, the vacation, etc. then I will feel free. This illusion will spin us in circles leaving us feeling exhausted and frustrated. The truth is money comes and goes. Time only ever exists now. The clock is always ticking.  All jobs will come with undesired circumstances that when focused on will leave us feeling like we don’t have freedom. It’s our responsibility to bring the freedom already within us to the job. Vacations come and go as well.  Are we only ever free when we are taking vacations? Does this really feel true? This way of believing and perceiving reality states, “We must shift our external circumstances in order to experience the feeling of freedom.” This belief is a dead end.

The real sustainable freedom that I’m speaking about that we all really crave is internal freedom. We perceive ourselves as already free regardless of what is occurring outside of us. We bring freedom with us into every circumstance. We are an expression of our own sense of freedom. We have a knowing that freedom is choice and we have a deep awareness that we do indeed get to choose. So why aren’t most of us living in this energy? Why do most of us continue to believe that freedom is outside of us? It is because most of us want the instant gratification of feeling free without doing any of the dirty work.

So what is the dirty work? It is the work of facing and diving deep into our own personal truth of what is keeping us from believing that freedom already lives inside of us.

What are the beliefs and the stories that you continue to tell yourself about why you can’t experience freedom now? When we have the willingness to own these beliefs and stories that we keep replaying in our mind we will begin to awaken to the lies and old pain that we have buried deep within us. It takes courage to own our truth and to face our beliefs that no longer serve us. And yes, it will indeed piss us off, but that is a beautiful thing. When we can feel pissed off, we enter into an energy that brings us towards the desire to change. It takes us out of the blame game and opens the doorway to take responsibility for the truth of who we are at the deepest level. When we take responsibility for our own truth, regardless of how much it rattles us we find out that our freedom was always waiting there for us to tap into.

The question is, once you awaken to this gift of freedom, what will you choose to do with it? That is a question that when really looked at has the potential to bring up a tremendous amount of fear. This is fear that most of us at some level don’t wish to be faced with. We may discover that we can leave a job that doesn’t align with our truth. We may discover that money is really not a replacement for the lack of self worth that we are trying to fill within us. We will discover that we have always had more than enough time and that what really needs to change is how we are choosing to utilize our time. We will find that we are ultimately the creator of our very own sense of freedom. And that discovery alone is worth the initial feeling of being pissed off.

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