How do you know when you have held on long enough and letting go is the only option that remains? Thinking about the act of letting go can hurt so deeply. It can feel like it is ripping you open and tearing your heart into billions of pieces. You feel as if you can’t catch your breath and you are terrified because you don’t know what is waiting for you on the other side. The mind will try and convince you that nothing will be waiting for you in an attempt to keep you tied to what you know deep in our heart no longer serves you. It will tell you to stay right where you are because it’s comfortable, safe and predictable. You don’t know where you are headed from this place. You feel numb and as if you are standing on the edge of a cliff. It can feel so overwhelmingly lonely, scary and very empty. You’re not sure why you have to choose to let go. You want so much to stay right where you are because it feels that it would be the much easier choice. If only you could feel content and at peace with staying put. You hope and you pray and you wish…

But the truth is… you can’t. 

The deeper truth is…you clearly know you aren’t ok hanging on. Your soul longs to grow, expand, learn, and take risks. It knows you are here to grow and it also knows that you can’t move into something new while still hanging on tightly to something or someone you have outgrown.  How do you know you have outgrown it? You experience a sense of disempowerment. You feel depleted and your energy is drained. Your soul is speaking to you in longings. It longs to feel expansion and freedom and to live in complete alignment with your personal truth. It also knows that the pain you will experience from letting go will offer you the strength that you will need for your next experiences. Life is about experiences…one by one…moment by moment.  Life wants to meet you half way, but it can’t open new doors until you are willing to close the old ones and close them for good. No hanging on. No hoping, No lingering. No regrets. Your soul knows that every challenge you face in life offers you a gift as you walk through to the other side. So what are the magical gifts that are received in the process of letting go?

Inner Strength. Soul Esteem. Self-Trust

All tremendous qualities that nobody can ever take from us.  These qualities will carry us from one doorway to the next. They will allow us to face whatever is handed to us with grace and confidence. They will guide and protect us. These qualities are essential in fulfilling our destiny, our purpose and stepping into the fullness of our truth. And that is all the soul longs for.

So I am here to tell you that it’s ok and it’s safe. Go ahead. Let Go. Trust the process and know that your destiny is calling to you.


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