Within the last hour, I told my friend that I’d bet dollars to donuts that between now and Election Day there will be MORE bomb threats against Democrats. Then I hear that Maxine Waters is the latest. I’m predicting something else now: There WILL be a bomb EXPLOSION at a Democrat-friendly site. No one is likely to be hurt, but it’s the theatrics, the optics, that will count. The Dems have nothing. They can’t talk about Russian Collusion (fail), or Kavanaugh (fail), or the impending invasion from the south (fail). So they’re going to send themselves bombs.

The danger is that the Republicans—who finally, finally (!), seemed to be getting a backbone—are going to allow themselves to become sidetracked by lapsing back into their position of choice: the fetal position. Once Republicans go on the defensive, which is what they’re doing right now, they play into the Democrats’ hands.

And this is why you can guarantee that between now and November 6, bomb attacks against Democrats will monopolize the news. This will have three benefits for the Democrats:

First, it will create the illusion that it is Republicans, or at least Trump supporters, who are the purveyors of politically-motivated violence. In other words, it will conceal the reality that the violent rhetoric and conduct have been initiated solely by the left.

Second, bomb attacks against Democrats could, obviously, elicit sympathy for them. This would be a welcome change from the disgust for the Democrats experienced by a growing number of Americans.

Third, the perception that Democrats are under siege by unknown assailants will engender a sense of panic and chaos that promises to destabilize the stock market. Plunging stock numbers will make headlines and ensconce in the popular consciousness the impression that this remarkably successful economy under Trump is in free for all.

Prepare for more bomb threats, and even quite possibly some fireworks.

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