by Lynn Hayes

I’ve posted the monthly Skywatch article which you can read here in its entirety.  
Here is a tidbit reporting on the astrological cycles for the first few days of the month:

On the first day of August Venus has just entered the emotional and nurturing sign of Cancer and this alters somewhat our perspectives of our relationship to others and to the world in general for the next few weeks. Venus describes the way we connect to our outer world, and in Cancer there is a protective instinct and a sensitivity to the plight of the world around us. This will be particularly powerful on the first of the month when Venus forms a challenging opposition to Pluto. Our awareness of our connections to others is deepened for a day or two, and it is no longer satisfying to relate on a superficial level. This short-lived transit has the potential to uncover problems in our relationships that may have previously been hidden.

On the 2nd, Mercury (communication and learning) enters its own sign of Virgo, and for the next few weeks we have a greater ability to focus on the details and create order in our lives. This is particularly true on the 3rd when Mercury forms a harmonious trine to Pluto and is able to harmonize with Pluto’s laserlike focus and intensity.

You may notice that this month I have added Ceres to the pantheon of Skywatch planetary guides. Although I do not usually work with the asteroids in consultations, when Ceres was reclassified along with Pluto I started to incorporate her into client charts to see if she would begin talking to me. I feel I have a better understanding of her now and will begin including her in both the Daily and Monthly Skywatch articles.

Ceres enters Libra on August 3. In my view, Ceres acts as the “higher octave” of the Moon. Where the Moon signifies our personal emotional experience and the nurture of the individual soul, Ceres has to do with our connection to our life on Planet Earth and how well we nurture that experience. It has a more transpersonal flavor and tells us that our family is a global one and not just an individual tribe.

Ceres enters Libra on August 3, where it will bring our attention to a greater need to cooperate and build alliances. Poverty and hunger will become more obvious as our eye is turned to the needs of those outside of our immediate community.

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