The two overriding planetary aspects shadowing the Democratic National Convention over the next few days ia a long-term conjunction of Chiron (wounding and healing) to the North Node (the ascending point where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun around the Earth, from our perspective on Planet Earth).  The North Node is not a planet, but in astrology it symbolizes the path of our future evolution. The conjunction of Chiron to the North Node began back in June and will continue through October.

The North Node opposes the South Node (the descending point on the path of the Sun), so an aspect to one point affects the other point as well.  The South Node denotes the past – issues and ideas that hold us back from evolving towards our destiny.  Chiron right now is therefore opposite the South Node, where it is challenging and opening old wounds from the past that are keeping us from moving forwards towards our soul’s true purpose.

This conjunction takes place in Aquarius, the sign of the collective and the urge for change, social justice, and living a life of authenticity and freedom.  One could argue that the Democratic party is ruled by these Aquarian principles of change and equality, so it is not surprising that the Convention, falling under this Chiron/Node conjunction, is opening old wounds of party issues.  The Clinton/Obama rivalry which many hoped was behind us is now heating up to a boiling point, and questions of rivalries between men and women, between those of different races, and between generations are rupturing as old wounds fester and come to the surface.  This is Chiron’s work: to bring the old wounds to the surface of our awareness so that they can be faced and dealt with.

Working in tandem with the Chiron/Node system is a square from Pluto (transformation and endings) to Mercury and Venus.  The square of Pluto to Mercury signifies difficulty in communication – arguments and power struggles between various ideologies.  Pluto to Venus stimulates the ending of long-held alliances and partnerships.  At the same time, Uranus (rebellion and radical behavior) is opposing Mercury and Venus as well – instigating arguments (Mercury) and questioning alliances (Venus).

I’m not surprised that Hillary Clinton is still exerting her influence in the convention.  Transiting Pluto is just completing a square to her Moon, which is intensifying her already intense personality characteristics (Senator Clinton has four planets in Scorpio plus the South Node, and all are square to a powerful conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Leo which hungers for power).  The conjunction of Chiron to the North Node is interacting with her Leo and Scorpio planets and I sense that she is not yet ready to relinquish what she feels to be her destiny on the national stage.

There is a lot of uncertainty as to how these events will unfold, but I predict that things will not go smoothly.  There will be a fair amount of dirty laundry aired and protests that will reveal the wrinkles in the happy front that is presented to the press. 

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