couple.jpgQ:  I have a friend that I have a very unique relationship with and it creates many questions and pretty much no answers. Very recently our relationship has been intense after a long cooling period.  He is never really honest about his feelings and contradicts himself aA: lot. If you can give me any insight I would really appreciate it!

Lynn: There are a lot of “points of contact” between your two charts which bring the two of you together and give you a sense of harmony.  Your Suns are conjunct, which is not that strong of a compatibility signal but still it shows that you both have the same Taurean needs for stability and securty.  Where your Moon is in Taurus, his Moon is in Scorpio where it opposes yours, so there is some emotional tension there. 

Another issue is that your friend, with his Scorpio Moon, craves intensity and passion but then his Venus is in Aries, and it is opposed by Mars the ruler of Aries.  The technical term for this is “double whammy,” where there are two astrological statements that say the same thing.  There is conflict here between his desire to be in relationship (Venus) and his need for adventure and battle (Aries/Mars).  Your Neptune forms a square to the opposition in his chart, and this is confusing for him.  At times he likely feels overwhelmed by the dreamy romance that the two of you find yourselves in and he needs to back away to find himself again.  Your Venus is in Taurus where you prefer stability to adventure in your relationships, but it’s important for you to give him the space to be able to maintain his balance.  He will not always be able to feed your security needs so you will need to strengthen your own internal balance.

Transiting Pluto is squaring Mars in his chart right now.  This started back in January when Pluto entered Capricorn, so this could be a challenging period for him.  His Venus is being affected by association and he will be deepening his experience in many different ways. This may be the root of the changes that you are experiencing right now.  Don’t be surprised if he still needs to cool off at times – finding that balance between the intensity of Scorpio and the freedom of Aries will be more difficult under the Pluto cycle.  

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