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Here’s a snippet for early September: September begins on the heels of a Full Moon eclipse that occurred on August 28, an event that served as a catalyst to activate unconscious issues that had previously been hidden. For the first […]

Art from the Daily Galaxy Regulus is a fixed star located at 29 degrees Leo, and Saturn is currently sitting right at that point. Regulus is known as the Star of Kings, and April points out the significance of the […]

A few days ago I posted on Owen Wilson’s hospitalization which has now been confirmed as a suicide attempt. A USA Today article writes:————–Over the years, Owen Wilson projected the public image of a happy-go-lucky, Hollywood playboy. His crooked-nosed good […]

After I posted my eclipse experience yesterday there were quite a few comments from readers sharing their own changes. Each of us has a different path and we are affected differently by planetary events depending on a variety of factors. […]

The eclipse has not yet occurred, but the intensity is out there. I’m usually not that sensitive to eclipses but this one has so many planetary aspects there’s something for about everyone. Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone […]

It’s hard to imagine one of entertainment’s funniest and most lovable characters in such a dark place that he would try to end his life, but that is apparently what Owen Wilson did over the weekend. Wilson was most recently […]

Do not struggle.Go with the flow of things,And you will find yourself at one withThe mysterious unity of the Universe. ~ Chuang Tzu Photo by Micha Pawlitzki from

From Beth Owl’s Daughter comes this lovely image that I connected immediately with Saturn’s entry into Virgo next week: As the Summer’s light begins to fade, the sun rises later each day, and the first harvest festival has come and […]

On August 28, the Sun will eclipse the Moon in an event which will be seen only in the South Pacific. According to NASA, the eclipse will be partially visible in the Americas and in Asia, but virtually invisible from […]

Beth just told me that the commenting feature on this site wasn’t working, and then I remembered that during the hoopla over the Dawkins postings I had turned on the comment moderation feature and then promptly forgot about it. I’ve […]