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From Tim Boucher comes this gem. First Tim quotes the White House website as saying that the terrorism we face today springs from several different sources, one of which is “subcultures of conspiracy and misinformation.” Tim responds:

Mark my words: they are hoping to goad us into a position of greater and greater alienation, confusion and anger. And from what I have seen in my years surfing these conspiracy and “alternative” communities, they are doing a damned good job. Alienation is at an all-time high. Conspiracy theorists’ whole game is blaming shit on other people. Hacking away at the truth day after day makes you realize that maybe nothing’s true and everything’s permitted. This in turn erodes your morality little by little (as does creating apocalypse after apocalypse inside of you). The only thing they are really waiting on is for those groups (ie, us) to catch fire and to finally bridge the gap into making up moral justifications for murder. And I believe that there are numerous groups who could quite easily be groomed of goaded into taking on that role. We are being managed. We are being manipulated. What is it they want us to do? What options do they hope to leave us?

One of the keywords for Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is who’s in charge?? Saturn in Leo has challenged (Saturn) our existing ideas of leadership (Leo), and Neptune in Aquarius is dissolving (Neptune) our ideals for the collective (Aquarius). Identifying the players in the global political game is becoming more and more difficult. We need to keep our eyes open for misinformation as well as deception during these difficult times. Neptune is famous for inducing delusions of all kinds in the name of encouraging us to go beyond our notions of reality. How to do this? Saturn is the key – Saturn is the reality check and requires patience for taking action until the way is clear.

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