Dan Ciubotaru has an interesting astrology blog from Romania, and he has taken an extremely detailed look at the planetary configurations for September 24 as a significant date to watch. September 24 is within the shadow of the New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse so that could very well be a date that has impact. Dan writes:

If we are looking on the chart for that day we can observe some interesting aspects…
Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are in Libra sign which implies the need for a decision to be made, the importance of reaching an equilibrium between forces that are in conflict. But more important I think there is the energy distribution on midpoints.
The midpoint is the place on the chart found on equal distance between 2 planets. A midpoint is the place where both planets energies are meeting with equal forces and are creating a new type of energy. We can say that the energy is transfered to that point – by energy meaning also influences and actions.

In our case , on 24th September, Mars will be positioned on the Sun-Mercury midpoint and on the Moon-venus midpoint. This means that Sun,Moon,Mercury and Venus energies are directed to Mars. But more important, Mars-PLuto midpoint (a very strong and powerfull combination of energies) it will be on exact place of Jupiter – our focus point on the T-square. This means that Jupiter is the place where the energies of most of the planets at that moment is blending and combining. This will amplify the effects of this T-square found on his maximum point.

In conclusion…the period around 24th of September it will be an important time where decisions will be made. I’m reffering to global politics. The effects of these actions will be on long term and with positive results for the next year.
It will be interesting to apply this T-square influences on the particular events that are now in the world.

Transiting Pluto has been making a square to Mars in the US (Sibley) chart over the past year, and the US progressed Mars turned retrograde this summer. The square of Pluto’s dominance to the individual will as expressed through Mars shows a difficulty in getting one’s way. This can easily be seen on a national level here in the US and has marked a definite turn of events. I hope that Dan is right and the eclipse period that coincides with the “maximum point” (Dan’s term) of the T-square brings about a deepening of the wisdom that is required to move forward in a positive direction.

Thanks as always to Dermod’s bonhom.ie site for links.

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