Sometimes, no means no.

Question submitted via Facebook:

“Mr. Walters, I hope you can help me: There is this guy whom I really like. I told him about my feelings but he says that he doesn’t want to get into any relationship right now. I have been using the law of attraction but not so well; sometimes I feel that he may be the one for me and I must wait. But sometimes I feel that I’m too attached to him and this is not too good for me, and i must forget him. What do I do?”

If he doesn’t want a relationship, then he doesn’t want a relationship!

The question, then, is: are you willing to accept what he’s giving you now, or not? Does he still want the sex without the attachment, or is he not open to any sort of romantic connection?

Using the Law of Attraction is all well and good, but remember it can not override another person’s free will; you can not MAKE him do anything, you can only create the space to make him want to choose you.

The best advice, is to move on and look for a new guy. There are plenty of other men out there who would LOVE to be with someone like you; there is no reason to keep chasing someone who isn’t going to give you what you want.

If you insist on chasing this guy, then the first thing is: Learn how men think. For the most part, men don’t want to be chased; make him chase *you *. The best way to do this is to start dating new guys, and let him know you are doing it; once he knows you aren’t sitting by the phone waiting for him, he’ll automatically start paying you more attention.

Also, if you know there are certain T.V. Shows or sports he likes, start watching them and mentioning them to him. If his favorite fighter gets interviewed online, email him a link. If he looks good one day, tell him; but mention it in passing like it’s no big deal.

DO NOT bring up how you feel about him again, unless *he * brings it up to *you *; you don’t want to make him feel guilty, that is just going to make him start avoiding you.

So, to be clear: move on, he isn’t worth chasing.

And if you insist on chasing him, then take the time to turn yourself into his Mrs. Right and let him come to you.

Keep us posted on how it turns out.

What do you think she should do? Feel free to comment down below!

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