Aperture of Light


How can I be more like you?  I don’t want to try so hard to be Christian.  I just want you to transform me.  I want to give without expecting anything in return.  I want to forgive without a second thought.  I want to let you lead me because you know me better than I know myself.  I want to be me and nobody else.  I want to love people the right way.  I want to stop talking so much about the way things should be and just let them be that way.  I want to give it all up to you.  I don’t want religion, I want a life like Christ.  I want to see myself through your eyes and not the eyes of anyone else or even my own because those eyes can lie and they can deceive.  I want to just let you love me and heal me.  I want the truth, which is only found in you.  I want to show the world who you are and what you stand for because you are love and we are surrounded by false idols and lies everyday when we know in our hearts what is right, we just don’t have the eyes to see it.  But every now and then we see a glimmer of what is true and we know it.  Just a little piece of that hope shining through the darkness.  That’s what I hunger for.  More of that; more of you.  Open my eyes everyday because I so easily fall asleep or get distracted.  Thank you for the ones who hunger for this to.  To know something real and true.  To be fulfilled in the only way we can truly be.  It’s so simple so why so hard?  Surrender everyday and we’ll find life.  For some it’s harder than others.  We have grown up different ways with different experiences but we all want the same thing, we just don’t know how to let go and receive it.  It seems so easy so why so hard?  It’s a transformation, but one that leads to absolute freedom.  That is what I want.

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