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Alexei Navalny is one of the young Russians deeply involved in the broad outpouring of protest against the fraudulent election that returned Vladimir Putin to power.  In this interview he explains the crucial role of the internet and blogs in …Read More

One of my oldest friends is a woman who has been working with progressive Muslims in Denmark.  As many of my readers know, there has been far more friction in Denmark between right wing Muslims and the secular society to …Read More

Ever since 9-11 I have done what little I can to differentiate between decent Muslims and the fringe of lunatics that infest it, just as I have tried to do so with decent Christians and their rather larger (in this …Read More

My posts for the forest with qualities like Pandora and also the one mentioning Xango seem to have disappeared.  Anyone find them?

Gypsy’s Bring Back the Light has always been one of my favorite Yule songs.

Courtesy of Huffington Post, here are a bunch of photographs  giving a sense of how this time of years speaks to so many worldwide.

Tonight I am going to a celebration of the Solstice, and tomorrow to another where I will be acting as the High Priest.  It will be a wonderful end to a year that, for me personally, has been very very …Read More

Courtesy of Stephen Schwartz’s sleuthing, I have come across two articles that give us hope that we can solve our energy problems with contemporary technologies if only the parasites who own the government would get out of the way – …Read More

I met a guy last night who had grown up here in Sonoma County but had been enticed to move to Amarillo, Texas by economic incentives for his business (by the government).  Very smart guy, not a religious bigot at …Read More

Suzanne Simard of the Dept. of Forest Sciences at the University of British Columbia has a delightful short video reporting that multi-species forests are connected in complex communicative networks with “mother trees” serving as the nodes in these networks. Her …Read More