Ever since 9-11 I have done what little I can to differentiate between decent Muslims and the fringe of lunatics that infest it, just as I have tried to do so with decent Christians and their rather larger (in this country) fringe of lunatics that infest them.  And in truth I do the same with respect to us Pagans, especially Heathens, distinguishing between most who are very fine people and the racist lunatic fringe who I think need to confront the implications of their Neanderthal heritage.

As soon as we confuse a religion followed by sincere people living decent lives with the actions of a portion who take its precepts out of context to justify violence, we have become part of the spiritual problems fflicting this planet rather than contributing anything towards the good of all.

With that introduction here is a story of a possible horrible post-Thanksgiving air tragedy averted because of the wise acts of a Muslim on board.

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