Yesterday I returned from the Yukon after being essentially cut off from most communication and definitely from this blog for the better part of three weeks.  Right after crossing the border my email account was hacked by an outfit that seems to specialize in discovering when you leave the country, taking over your email, freezing you out of it, and emailing everyone that you are in a foreign country, have been mugged, and need money. Apparently I am far from being alone.

I had sent my codes for accessing my blog to me so I could open them on my laptop- only I could not access them after the hack.

A computer whiz in California finally was able to restore my gmail account but while I had my address book back, I still had no access to old messages, including those on how to enter and post. But phone connections became increasingly difficult as we traveled north and I finally gave up on getting more or back on Facebook (which was also a victim of the hack).

Now that I am back in California getting control of Facebook and seeing of I can get my old gmail data back are my major computer priorities.

On the other hand, being virtually cut off from nearly everyone for almost three weeks while immersed in some of the most beautiful and wild country on the continent was truly good for the soul.

But now the grizzlies and caribou and buffalo are far away and it is 9-11.

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